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Top 23 Homeowner Complaints
About Contruction, Remodeling &
Home Improvement Contractors

1. Not showing up when they promise
2. Not returning phone calls promptly or ever
3. Showing up to do an estimate, leaving without giving one, never to be heard from again
4. Disappearing for hours, days or weeks at a time without explanation in the middle of a project
5. Working on more than one job at a time delaying your project
6. Leaving a mess at the end of and during the day
7. Damaging areas of the house not being worked on
8. High balling the price when they are busy to see if they can get away with a rip off
9. Low balling the price and then deceitfully adding additional charges during the project
10. Not calling ahead if running late for appointments with you
11. Incompetent, unprofessional, shoddy workmanship
12. Scary, Unprofessional appearance and behavior
13. Lies about proper insurance coverage & permits
14. Lump sum estimates that lack details needed to make an informed decision
15. Talking to you in a condescending/insulting manner
16. Unhelpful answers, lack of communication, assuming you know & understand
17. Rudeness and crudeness including language even around children
18. Not treating home and landscaping with gentle respect including precautions
19. Using your bathroom without permission, or lawn, landscaping, tree (not kidding)
20. Rushing through work to collect the next payment due and then disappearing for several days after payment
21. Lack of effort, Inflexibility in trying new building products that interest you
22. Refusing to warranty/service work if a problem does arise
23. All too common lying, deceit or lack of integrity of any sort


1. Fast, Free, Reasonable Quotes You Can Count On
2. Timely Return Phone Calls
3. Professional, Courteous, Knowledgeable Staff
4. Daily Cleanup & Disposal of All Construction Debris
5. Steady Pace From Project Beginning to Completion
6. Helpful, Enthusiastic Answers to All of Your Questions & Concerns
7. Professional Quality Workmanship
8. Gentle Treatment of Your Home & Landscaping
9. Fun, Helpful, Interesting Ideas
10. Neat, Organized, Safe Worksite
11. Open Communication
12. Long Term Project Satisfaction

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We're Proud That Nearly All Of Our Customers Become Friends, Repeat Customers & Strongly Recommend Our Company to Their Friends, Family and Neighbors.

Mike Oldfield, Welcome Home Improvement

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