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Average Cost of a Vinyl Siding Project From a Reasonable Vinyl Siding Contractor
Tiny House $5250, Small House $6995, Medium House $8750, Large House $10495, Larger House $12250, Extra Large House $13995, Jumbo House $15750, Castle $????

What is a Maintenance Free Exterior? A maintenance free exterior is a vinyl siding project which installs maintenance free vinyl siding and trim products over the entire exterior of your home to eliminate exterior maintenance completely. There is no such thing as a completely maintenance free home exterior due to accidental damage, severe weather damage and catastrophic damage such as house fires, trees falling on the house or smaller accidents such as barbecue grills melting a small section of vinyl siding when used too closely to the home.

Vinyl siding can get you very close to a maintenance free exterior with vinyl siding and other complementary products such as vinyl accessories and trim and aluminum accessories and trim and vinyl window replacement. Most entry doors are painted steel. This would require occasional maintenance as the paint fades for example.

What is a Total Coverage Vinyl Siding Project vs. Siding Only and how do some companies try to trick you with it? Total coverage is a vinyl siding project which includes installation of maintenance free products over the entire exterior of your home. This is the preferred choice of 99% of homeowners investing in a vinyl siding improvement.

A siding only project is a project which installs only siding over your existing siding areas excluding window trim, door trim, overhang (soffit) trim and roofline (fascia) trim which most homeowners expect is included in a vinyl siding estimate.

Several large and well known but deceitful vinyl siding companies advertise low prices for vinyl siding only projects knowing homeowners will assume the advertised price includes total coverage since this is what nearly every homeowner wants.

This deceitful advertising tricks homeowners into believing a dishonest vinyl siding company has good prices when in fact their prices are highly inflated once all the "extras" are added on. These advertised prices only appear low because they left out a major portion of the total cost of what you usually want in a siding project.

These tricky liars get into your home by tricking you with their deceitful advertising prices and then try to pressure you into adding these other items at heavily inflated prices with high pressure or other obnoxious sales tactics such as ridiculous lifetime warranties with little or no value and financing options with devastating one-sided fine print. They also try to make you feel dumb for not "knowing", embarrassing you into signing a contract.

Some of the largest companies in the country are using these tactics including several of the most well known companies in the world. Be careful trusting a brand just because they are well known. Most of the biggest rip off artists in the siding industry are also the most well known brand names in the country.

Most but not all homeowners want and assume total coverage. The overly slick advertising of several contractors in most major metropolitan areas use every trick in the book to get into your home so they can begin the high pressure sales tactics on you.

Be sure you have an understanding of what their ads mean before you agree to let them visit your home. It isn't easy to get a high pressure salesperson to actually get up and leave your house unless you write them a check first. No home owner enjoys this type of offensive unwelcome visit or experience.

The siding industry actually has a movie made about underhanded tactics used by siding salesmen called "Tin Men". It is actually a very enjoyable movie we encourage you to rent. It makes a joke out of the siding sales men who use deceit as their approach. It documents many of these hurtful techniques in a humorous way so we are especially fond of it.

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Other siding choices are rapidly being replaced by vinyl siding

There are numerous reasons why vinyl siding is rapidly taking the place of wood and other siding products but here are a few listed below.

Vinyl siding is

1. Less expensive than wood siding and other siding products
2. Installed faster than wood siding and other siding products
3, Last much longer than wood siding and other siding products
4. Much, much easier to maintain than wood siding
5. Not subject to rot or decay like wood siding is
6. Not subject to wood boring insect infestation like wood siding is
7. Preferred by most home buyers over wood siding adding value to your home

Features and Benefits of Vinyl Siding vs. Other House Siding Choices

Vinyl siding is a fantastic home siding choice because it is the

1. Only maintenance free siding product
2. Lowest cost siding choice over time
3. Fastest siding product to install
4. Easiest siding product to install

You will enjoy how vinyl siding will transform your worn out, faded siding into a beautiful maintenance free home in just a few days.

Other siding products such as brick, stone, fiber cement, aluminum and wood, take much longer to install and are much more expensive.

Aluminum dents. Fiber cement siding cracks and has dangerous health issues mostly unknown to the public. Wood and other painted siding products require additional ongoing maintenance chores and expense taking you away from more enjoyable recreational activities with friends and family.

Vinyl siding can also install with brick siding and stone siding when your design calls for these very popular and attractive looks of distinction to set off your home exterior as the envy of the neighborhood.

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What vinyl siding colors are available?
With today's nearly endless color choices in vinyl siding including more dark colors than ever before, another satisfying feature of vinyl siding is that you have the option of installing all of the most popular colors.

With vinyl siding you never have to worry about the colors rubbing off because the colors are integrated all the way thru the vinyl siding when it is manufactured. In the past, the colors in vinyl siding were only applied to the surface. Today's vinyl siding color technology is more reliable and better than ever, making vinyl siding a dependable siding choice you can bank on.

There are really four ways to determine what siding colors are available.

1. Drive around the neighborhood and check out the colors on homes you like nearby
2. Call a vinyl siding contractor who will show you color samples
3. Go to a vinyl siding showroom which most wholesalers offer for homeowner use
4. Visit the website links below of the bestselling vinyl siding brands

We recommend you do them in the order listed because you will be able to show your contractor homes you like the color of if the siding contractors samples are not sufficient. In most cases you will not need to go any further than method 1 and 2 but 3 and 4 are helpful ideas if you are not able to settle on a vinyl siding color in steps one and two. You vinyl siding contractor will be able to make further suggestions as well.

Will Your Vinyl Siding Color Fade Over Time?
High quality vinyl siding today has been created using quality ingredients and special coatings that deflect the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays that consistently damage other siding products. Today's vinyl siding is a solid siding choice beautifying and protecting your home over the long term without suffering from UV aging and fading typical of painted siding products such as aluminum siding, wood siding and fiber cement siding. Vinyl siding is the maintenance free choice along with stone siding and brick siding accents.

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Is Vinyl Siding a Good Investment? Siding your home with vinyl siding is a great investment. Many national publications cite vinyl siding as an extremely solid investment for many reasons including its ability to add value to your home. You will enjoy the maintenance free benefit of vinyl siding as long as you own your home.

If you ever want or need to sell your home, most buyers are looking for a maintenance free exterior. Investing in vinyl siding will increase the number of people interested in your home and therefore increase your selling price as a result. A home with vinyl siding will sell more quickly as well due to the desirable benefits of vinyl siding.

How do you insure a quality vinyl siding installation? if you choose a high quality vinyl siding brand from reliable vinyl siding manufacturer and a competent vinyl siding installer that takes pride in their work and their industry knowledge you will be assured of a quality vinyl siding installation.

All vinyl siding installers are not created equal. It is best to work with a vinyl siding contractor who has several years of experience installing vinyl siding specifically. Every siding material has a specific skill set developed over time and vinyl siding is no exception. Working with other siding products is not going to achieve the level of vinyl siding competence you should insist on for your vinyl siding project.

The difference between a quality vinyl siding installation and a lousy one is scary. Ask your vinyl siding contractor to explain the differences in a quality vinyl siding installation and a poor one. Two very important aspects of a quality vinyl siding installation are the degree of pulling and relaxation which creates waves in the vinyl siding panels and the level of ability installing vinyl trim and accessories. These two aspects are two of the most important keys of a quality vinyl siding installation.

Do All Vinyl Siding Projects Have to Look the Same (Suffer from Sameness)? In regard to product selection and sameness, call us. We can show you how to make your home much more beautiful than a “typical” vinyl siding installation by choosing more distinctive vinyl siding profiles, trim and accessory products that really make your house “pop” from the street as a tastefully designed home of distinction.

Quality vinyl siding contractors will assists you with vinyl trim and accessory selection to transform your home's vinyl siding project into the envy of the neighborhood instead of another run of the mill vinyl siding look which has been all to common from a lack of effort from too many mediocre and average vinyl siding contractors.

You can also ask your vinyl siding contractor to install brick and stone accents to setoff your vinyl siding as one popular option if you wish to separate your unique look from others in your area.

Vinyl Siding is also available in a number of profiles which look like cedar shake or decorative scallops without all the maintenance hassles of a painted or stained wood product. The vinyl siding is manufactured in molds formed from real cedar shake providing all the stunning look of cedar shake with all the benefits of maintenance free vinyl siding.

Other popular profiles include scallops which are often used on the gable ends of Victorian homes of distinction. More homeowners are utilizing these shapes to distinguish their homes in highlighted areas such as the gable ends of their home.

Vinyl siding decorative accessories from
Mid-America Building Products definitely eliminate sameness. Check them out thoroughly for stunning design possibilities! These awesome products are installed by us used to add exciting, stunning details and a look of distinction to your home to avoid "plain jane" everyday vinyl siding projects. We can eliminate sameness and add excitement to your home with accessories from Mid-America Building Products

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The Importance of Choosing a Vinyl Siding Installer VERY CAREFULLY! Choosing a vinyl siding contractor is perhaps the most important decision you must make after deciding to have vinyl siding installed on your home. There are many shortcuts that many installers take that effect the overall quality, performance and long-term value of your vinyl siding investment.

Choosing a vinyl siding contractor to alter the long term appearance of your home should be done with the same care you would use to choose a hair stylist, doctor and attorney where taking short cuts, incompetence and lack of pride in their work is not acceptable to anyone.

Like your hair style for example, it’s not safe to just go to any stylist who claims to know what they are doing without verification. The appearance of your home, just like your hair, can be embarrassing for a long time when careless mistakes are made.

Your vinyl siding contractor should have a series of photographs of poor vinyl siding installations by incompetent local contractors that would make you gasp. Some of these pictures are sure to be taken of brand new homes with poor vinyl siding installation.

Unfortunately, poor quality, incompetent installers are rampant in our industry. Whether you choose to work with one of our prescreened contractors or not, we can at least show you the real differences in installation quality that exists in your marketplace so you don’t get burned by a full time amateur advertising themselves as a professional vinyl siding installer.

Once you have selected the vinyl siding contractor that is right for you, make sure your contractor provides all the important details in writing. It is very important everyone agrees on what will be done so no surprises occur along the way.

Examples to be sure and include are the agreement on cost, payment arrangements, start date, an estimated finish date, the products to be installed and any specific arrangements such as trim accessories and repair work and removal to be done prior to installation. And remember, our prescreened vinyl siding contractors beat written quotes from other contractors all the time!

While vinyl siding your home is a great investment if you have a quality installation, be sure to choose the right vinyl siding products and the right vinyl siding installer.

Our prescreened vinyl siding contractors have been installing quality vinyl siding on homes throughout the country for over several years. They can show you the difference in a quality vinyl siding product and a quality vinyl siding installation.

They offer free vinyl siding estimates, Free design ideas, Free advice and guidance, free assistance with vinyl siding product selection and most importantly, high quality vinyl siding installation.

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Should You Always Pick the Vinyl Siding Contractor With the Lowest Estimate? The truth is it depends …

on Estimating Errors and Ommissions, Deceit, Design Differences, Apples for Apple Comparison, Insurance Coverage, Estimating Games contractors play, Your priorities, and how long you have to wait.

With any home improvement investment, it is absolutely important to your get your money's worth. It is possible to save money on home improvements by gathering several bids from reputable contractors and then choosing the contractor with the lowest responsible bid.

There are a number of key factors in the paragraph above which will come as a shock to many homeowners. There are incompetent contractors everywhere who bid on projects for less than the cost of quality materials, labor and unforeseen circumstances.

Many of these irresponsible contractors typically do not even realize their mistake until after it is too late for both of you. Others do this to you on deceitfully on purpose with a plan to ask for more money after it's too late for you to change your mind who you hire.

Once the work is well under way and they have spent most of your project money already and there is no going backward, the low bid contractor realizes they are running out of your money. At this point they either ask for more money making your low estimate a distant memory and painful mistake or they just stop showing up to work. This usually results in small claims court and other unpleasant delays finding another contractor capable and available to fix the mess left behind by the low bidder.

Our prescreened vinyl siding contractors have been called frantically countless times by homeowners over the years to fix the problems created by low bid contractors who did not know what they were doing as well as deceitful contractors who tricked the homeowner with an incomplete low bid unknown to the homeowner.

These clowns either missed critical steps or costs in the estimating process, did not see trouble ahead or they simply planned on getting the job with a low bid only to surprise the homeowner later with unpaid invoices or mechanics liens on their home for the “extra” work they supposedly had to do.

Include the cost of a quality contractor in your budget when considering any home improvement project. Choosing the lowest bid for a home improvement project is not always the right decision, and price is only one item to take into consideration along with elements like experience, quality, insurance, design details and professionalism.

Other ways contractors lower their bids is by claiming they have insurance when they do not, cutting corners on quality by vaguely stating what is to be done with a vague verbal or incomplete written estimate. They then cut corners on material quantities and quality, on the quality of workmanship and on finish details they truly would have made the project shine resulting in your home looking like every other home on the street or worse.

Responsible contractors explain and document all project details in writing and make sure you fully understand exactly what is included and do not ask for more money after the job is started unless you add additional work to the project over and above what was agreed to at the time the written agreement was made.

Responsible contractors are experts that believe there is no such thing as a silly question. They are gracious with your concerns until all of your questions are answered. A contractor trying to rush or push you should be a sign to move on to someone more honorable.

Estimates are also sometimes affected by how busy a contractor is. Busy contractors bid higher and contractors who need work bid lower. Ask yourself if overpaying to wait for a busy contractor or underpaying for headaches is something you think is wise or fair before you make your final decision on which vinyl siding contractor to hire.

Again, whether you decide to hire one of our prescreened vinyl siding contractors or not, if something does not sound right to you, feel free to give us a call and we will steer you in the right direction, telling you what to watch for. We can even help you evaluate your bids if you wish,. We may also choose to beat all of the responsible estimates you have apples for apples which we do all the time for our new and established home improvement customers.

Despite all of these ideas shared in this article, our prescreened vinyl siding contractors are very often the low bidder among professional contractors for the design you want and the budget you hoped for. They work hard to assist you with the design and budget you desire. Contact us today for a pleasant experience finding a responsible vinyl siding contractor you will want to work with for all of your vinyl siding projects.

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How Vinyl Siding Quality Differs by Thickness and Tight Budget Vinyl Siding Alternatives to Consider You know by now, installing vinyl siding is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home and eliminate ongoing exterior maintenance so you can spend your time on more enjoyable activities than maintaining your home exterior. It is also important to know there are a number of siding quality choices that can effect the cost of your vinyl siding project quite a bit.

This knowledge will also help you compare competing estimates apples for apples which we always recommend. On the lower end of the range, a vinyl siding project can vary as much as a few thousand dollars compared to higher end materials due to the cost of materials alone.

Working with a vinyl siding contractor who explains the differences is important so you know what you are investing your hard earned money into. You do not have to spend big money to get your money's worth. Talk with your contractor about your project goals.

We have had customers that were preparing a house for sale, would only be in the home a few years, have a very tight budget, want to spend money on other needed or wanted improvements and those who wanted a rental property sided with maintenance free vinyl siding.

Economy vinyl siding will generally cost about $1,000 less than premium vinyl siding options and will cost $2000 to $3000 less than premium options such as fiber cement siding projects. Remember your actual cost will depend on quality of materials you select and also on the size of your home exterior sidewalls, trim areas and repair, removal and disposal work required to complete the job.

Installing economy vinyl siding can save you a great deal of money over the alternatives. You do need to keep in mind you will get what you pay for if you follow our advice throughout this website. A big part of the quality of vinyl siding is determined by thickness. Vinyl Siding comes in several thicknesses.

You will save money installing thinner vinyl siding, this option will also reveal imperfections on the exterior of your home which can be minimized by installing optional rigid foam insulation under the siding. You will find vinyl siding thicknesses broken down as follows:

Builder Grade Vinyl Siding Thickness (.038) Often stocked in lumber yards
Thin Residential Vinyl Siding Thickness (.040)
Standard Residential Vinyl Siding Thickness (.042)
Thick Residential Vinyl Siding Thickness (.044 to .046)
Super Thick Vinyl Siding Thickness (.048 to .050)

Be sure your all of your contractor estimates specify the thickness, manufacturer and brand in your estimates so you can make an accurate comparison.

Thickness is should only be one factor in your decision so don't get caught up on vinyl siding thickness alone. Check independently to see what the vinyl siding thickness of the manufacturer and brand specified in your estimate is. There are deceitful vinyl siding contractors who will be less than truthful about thickness thinking you won't know the difference!

I have also heard of contractors that refuse to save you money by refusing to install thinner siding for you even if that is what you want, Don't put up with this lousy treatment either. You have a dinosaur at your kitchen table and they should be extinct. Contractors should should understand they work for you and should cheerfully design your project your way as long as it’s legal and of acceptable quality. Call us with any questions you may have. We are happy to help you.

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A Quick Vinyl Siding Project Tip You may need to replace siding panels or small sections in the future from due to damage. Make sure you ask for and keep a few extra pieces. Also be sure you install siding from a manufacturer that has been in business for a while, and ask whether replacement panels will be available.

We have seen dozens of homeowners melt their vinyl siding with the Bar-B-Q Grill over the years. Having a few extra repair panels in the ceiling of the garage or basement is very helpful when you have a mishap.

Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?
Painting vinyl siding has been done. In fact, there are paints that are designed for the job. While it has been done, it is only recommended in very specific circumstances which we will not speculate on in this article. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your situation. We will be happy to offer our ideas and perhaps a more suitable alternative within your existing project budget.

While painting vinyl siding has been done and there are products that are designed for the job, vinyl siding paint defeats the maintenance free benefit of vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is also a material that expands and contracts quite a bit. This movement is challenging for most paints to endure over the long term, perhaps causing paint to crack and chip prematurely.

Give us a call to discuss your reason for wanting to paint vinyl siding. Perhaps we have ideas that fit in with your concerns and your project budget. We have replaced the vinyl siding for customers before, leaving all of the vinyl siding trim and accessories. This approach has saved our customers half the cost of a new vinyl siding project while accomplishing their other home improvement goals.

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