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We Offer All Construction, Remodeling, Home Improvements in WNY, Finger Lakes, Southern Tier & Rochester, NY

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  Why Hire Us?

We Offer All Home Improvements
- Unlike contractors who only offer one trade or a few related trades, Welcome Home Improvements offers every home improvement you need. Why deal with several contractors for one or two or five different projects. One call to us takes care of all of them at once.

- We offer fair, affordable pricing and detailed estimates up front, every time, without a fuss. Our growing list of satisfied customers appreciate our straight-forward, reasonable estimates, creative, interesting, value added design assistance and money saving ideas without any attempt to inflate a reasonable project estimate. Our standard pricing, simple estimating and visually appealing design ideas save you a tremendous amount of time, money and aggravation.

Courtesy - We return your phone calls and get you estimates quickly unlike many frustrating no show or late arrival competitors who show up late if they show up at all. Other competitors show up and then never follow up with an estimate. Most of our estimates are done at the first meeting because that's the way most customers like it.

One Call Does It All Convenience - Since we offer all home improvements, you don't need multiple contractors to handle your project. Home improvement projects already have enough variables without having to coordinate several different contractors at the same time. Call us to take the headaches away with one call does it all full service convenience.

We Follow the Golden Rule - We treat others the way we wish to be treated. With several years of experience in customer service, we know what home owners want and expect and we deliver with the golden rule policy proudly published online for all to see.

We're Creative - One of the compliments we hear most from our customers is we have the best ideas of all the contractors they spoke to and we were the most helpful with design, discussion, recommendations and vital industry knowledge

Thorough, Thoughtful Answers - We also hear over and over again from our customers we were the most thorough and helpful answering their questions completely. We believe you count on us to be the expert so we read several industry trade journals and attend trade schools whenever possible to keep up on the latest trends in the industry..You can count on us for current, accurate information you can bank on.

Patience - Another area where we get very frequent compliments is our level of patience answering questions until you are completely comfortable and fully informed to make an educated decision.

Partnership Attitude - We have a partnership attitude with all of our customers. We strive for a mutually beneficial experience where we both enjoy the process and have the same goals. Teamwork,  mutual understanding and open communication are the keys to a satisfying experience for all of us.

Lowest Responsible Bidder - We strive to be the lowest responsible bidder on all estimates for the identical work assuring you of maximum value for your investment. We explain how we are going to get there and why competitor estimates came out differently including different designs, labor rates,overhead and other less honorable reasons.

Deal direct with a business owner - Unlike chain stores, national brands and larger companies that are often run by employees with hands tied by inflexible big company rules and counterproductive company policies, working directly an owner allows you to work through challenges with common sense and fairness as the guiding principles.

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